Silicone red wine cup

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Have you ever imagined a candlelight dinner?

Charle once did and actually he made it, unfortunatelly he screwd up it.

Guess what?  This tragedy's chief culprit is a golbet. 

 Charle likes a girl called Sarah and this night he  gonna get to the next level with her at the candlelight. Everything goes well. They converse with their love feeling and drink the whole bottle of wine. Charle looks at the beautiful face of Sarah. He can't help  kissing her and he actually do it. "Ow!!" He immediately crouched down with his head in the hands. Wine is spilled over his body. The golbet is dashed to pieces on the floor. "Hoodlum!!" Yes, this is the "highlight" of the evening. Charle is beaten by the girl with a glass golbet. 

The story is over. What do you get from this story ? 

Don't have a candlelight with a girl? Don't have a date ? Don't kiss your favourate girl/boy? No!

What we should get from this story is don't use the glass golbet. It will hurt you. Use a wine cup made by silicone. If so, you will only be poured with wine without being hurt by glass.


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